Story Delivery Vehicle: The Revolution Will Not Be Fertilized – “Lili”

Title screen

What is it? – A third-person adventure game created by small newcomer studio BitMonster, set on an island populated by wooden automatons and the forest spirits which subjugate them

How do I get it into my brain? – currently available for certain iOS devices

So here was a nice little surprise. The iPhone and iPad are turning out to be pretty swell casual game devices, but the marketplace is flooded with so many thousands of variations on the same game types that it’s a bit of a dig to find something interesting. That can be a bit of an adventure in itself, but here we have a unique little adventure game that lends itself well to this platform. I honestly wasn’t expecting to have too much to say about it… the only reason I looked at all was because the developer and some of the reviewers hinted at a story. Especially on these platforms, so many small-scale games eschew any sort of narrative, settling for a simple premise and letting the gameplay stand as the hook. And yet, more than the gameplay itself, I found myself compelled to proceed to see how events in the story played out, and what little discoveries were waiting behind locked doors and in treasure chests. Plus, I figured out how to take screenshots with my iPad, so I am taking the opportunity to play around with article format some more!

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Embracing Chaos

Since the dawn of time (okay, since the dawn of the internet), random generators have been an amusing diversion and webspace waster, providing random results for everything from band names to financial advice to super-heroes or villains to whole sentences to even boring old stuff like numbers.

I’ve certainly amused myself for many minutes with these and others (haha, “69”! way to go, random number generator), but recently I happened upon the Video Game Name Generator.  After spewing out an assortment of names, my designer brain kicked in and started wondering what some of these games might actually be.  So, in an attempt to legitimize the randomness, I figured I’d partake in a little thought exercise.  Here now are five random video game concepts!  No guarantees are made as to the quality, coherence or entertainment value of any resulting titles.  Remember!  None of these are real.  I made them all up.  They don’t exist, so don’t ask me if you can borrow any. Continue reading