Story Delivery Vehicle: The Batmobile! “Batman Live” (part 2)

What is it? – A live-action stage performance following the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder vs. Gotham City’s gallery of rogues

How do I get it into my brain?check tour dates and venues here, or at the very least look over the nifty comic-style story guide

(Part 1) | (Part 2) | (Part 3)

When we left off, the Joker had taken young Dick Grayson hostage to serve as bait to lure Batman to him.  One could safely assume that Batman would be coming after the Joker sooner or later anyway, having pieced together his whereabouts from Zucco’s grim rictus and the fact that the circus is a clown’s natural habitat.  However, this show doesn’t give us much of Batman being a detective, which is definitely a weakness, as oh, what was that comic that Batman first appeared in?  I think it was “Lucky Coincidence Comics #27”, right?  No.  No, it was “Detective Comics #27”, and don’t you forget it (well, I suppose I can forgive it if you forget the exact issue number). Continue reading