Chatterbox: May 29th, 2013

Long time, no see!

I get in slumps, it’s true.  I have so many intentions that they get all tangled up and bottlenecked.  Am I afraid to commit time to one thing for too long, out of fear that I should have committed time to something else?  That seems likely.  But every once in a while I can push through, at least for an evening, and unravel a bit.

I’m 30!

That’s still sinking in.  I gotta keep reminding myself that this is actually the start of my fourth decade, not my third.  But maybe those first ten years are a freebie, in terms of personal development.  Though foundations were laid in that time, I do not feel that I myself built upon them until afterwards.  Of course, I have endless gratitude for my parents and family for laying strong foundations early on, without which I would be a collapsed slump of a manbuilding by now.

My intention is not to get all heady and philosophical today, I just gotta start feeling productive again after my lull.  Brains are rested, fingers are antsy, words will spill about in a mess for a while.

New topic!  On the way home, I had to swing by the store for a few things, and grab dinner. I had it all plotted out: order food, hunt around in adjacent game store for obscure titles, return to pick up order when ready, go to Target, get amenities, go home, eat, watch Arrested Development.

It’s reassuring that my problems are so small…

At Target, found what I needed.  Paid, cashier bagged it all, grabbed bags, left.  Got home. Put milk in fridge, bathroom stuff in bathroom.  Returned to room to exchange new charger cable for my iPad (wire casing has been stripped away on original, and bare wires were exposed).


Where is it?

Was it in the bag with the milk, and I unwittingly put it in the fridge?  No.

Did it fall out in the car?  No.

Do I have to get all dressed again, drive back to Target while my food gets cold, gaggle around in the parking lot looking for a spot amongst the rush hour shopperati, hope the store A. hasn’t tossed my item into restock and B. believes me when I say I paid for it?  Yes.

So I did that.  Thankfully I got what I paid for.

Dear cashier: I’ve done your job before. It’s not difficult.  You have two main tasks: scan the items at point of purchase, then drop them into bags.  Very rarely, you have the added responsibility of letting a customer know they are leaving without everything they’ve paid for (because when you’ve already prepared two bags for four entire items, I am not generally expecting to need a third).

Like I said.  Small problems.  By the time I got home, my food was not entirely lukewarm, at least!

New topic!  I’m four episodes through the new season of Arrested Development.  Capsule review thus far: first episode is strong, second episode is weak, three and four are strong, and I can feel the snowball is has picked up momentum.  Like it got a good shoulder at the beginning to get rolling, but then it needed a little more help to get over the crest of the hill. My biggest fear coming into it was that we would be subjected to a recap and remix of all the best jokes from the first three seasons, but it’s already spun off in very unexpected directions and my favorite characters haven’t even had their time in the spotlight yet.

I’m excited to see where it all lands, but I feel I want to pace it out over at least a few days.  I need the opportunity to recalibrate as I go on.

It does remind me that I wish Netflix would restructure TV show rating to at least the option to score season-by-season, as each creative capsule may carry its own strengths and weaknesses.  I spent a lot of my downtime watching Frasier in its entirety (srsly), and for example I would like to have been able to score some seasons as 5s and others as 3s.  That’s a show that managed to shift its tone season by season, to its strength I think, but for a long-running sitcom like that there’s gonna be a portion of the audience that decries a deviation from the initial formula (which even for the best shows starts to lose steam after a few straight years).

New topic!  Writing.  I am exploring new opportunities to adapt old unfinished stories into the ol’ visual novel format so popular in Japan (I know it’s usually used for romance games but there is no good reason why it can’t be used for other stuff, too).  Plans: learn a bit of code to do more interesting stuff with the purpose-built software engine I found.  Import and adapt some existing unfinished projects.  Try to make them finished projects (or at least, like, a chapter of a longer novel as proof-of-concept, cuz it’s the kind of thing I could release serially (like Dickens! (I’m not really like Dickens (but I bet he would totally be into those dating sims))).

It’d be nice to have some physically adjacent collaborators, or a work space separate from my little ol’ room, but let’s not get ahead of myself.


Arrested Development: so far so good!

Being 30: so far so good!

Writing: we’ll see how I fare!

Keeping dinner down: so far so good!


Writer Blocks

I’ve been feeling unduly stressed and introverted this week and I’m not sure why.  Like my mind’s a tightly-packed ball of rubber bands bundled up around an idea, and I can’t seem to snap it free.  I had plans to finish, like, three posts this week (though they fortunately linger in partial draft form, thanks WordPress!), but didn’t get there.  I was waiting for something to arrive all week, and when it didn’t get here yesterday (when I thought it was going to) I got more stressed… I didn’t want to have to wait the whole weekend to get it!  But fortunately, it showed up today, so I’ll take this opportunity to exhale and force myself to release some of this mental congestion. And, as an added incentive, I’m not gonna get dinner til I’m done. But what was so cool, after all?

My huge-ass Lego set came in the mail!

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Stance Dance!

Let’s talk about going to the bathroom.  Hey, come back!  Hear me out.

Now, I don’t mean actually going going.  This isn’t some entry about digestive health.  I’m talking about the journey.  Tangent incoming: you  can always tell how legitimate the claims of sexual indiscretion leveled against a politician are based on how ridiculous their defenses are.  It’s inversely proportional (math proves it!)  “Hiking the Appalachian Trail” … “The Meaning of the Word ‘Is’” … “Follow Me Around, I Don’t Care” … where am I going with this?  “Wide Stance“.  Larry Craig’s memorable deflection against charges that he was soliciting sex in an airport bathroom stall (hand signals under the stall wall, a kind of ASL for weird perverts).  Now, I’m not here to wide-stance you, but I do have some other stances I’d like to discuss.

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Brain Flush!

Remember LiveJournal?  It was actually pretty revolutionary… one of the first major ‘social networking’ sites (five years Facebook’s senior) as well as one of the first blogging sites, established all the way back in 1999 before “blog” was even a word.  “Blog”, of course, being an abbreviation of “web log”, but even that doesn’t accurately describe what a blog is (or what blogs have become).  I used LiveJournal for a few years back in college.  Thinking back on it, I was occasionally careless with what I posted, which caused some drama… I should have known better, really, I had been an active internet citizen for several years already.  But anyway.

I kinda go back and forth between ‘input’ and ‘output’ states.  Starting this blog up and generating a handful of lengthy articles was definitely ‘output’ state but I’ve slipped into the absorptive, passive ‘input’ state lately, content with playing games, reading, watching movies and shows and just generally soaking stuff up.  Acknowledging that it’s been several weeks since I’ve had much output, I am forcing myself to expand on my expectations of what I will do with this site.  I have other things on my mind!  Just gotta get better about purging them.

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Story Delivery Vehicle: The Batmobile! “Batman Live” (part 2)

What is it? – A live-action stage performance following the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder vs. Gotham City’s gallery of rogues

How do I get it into my brain?check tour dates and venues here, or at the very least look over the nifty comic-style story guide

(Part 1) | (Part 2) | (Part 3)

When we left off, the Joker had taken young Dick Grayson hostage to serve as bait to lure Batman to him.  One could safely assume that Batman would be coming after the Joker sooner or later anyway, having pieced together his whereabouts from Zucco’s grim rictus and the fact that the circus is a clown’s natural habitat.  However, this show doesn’t give us much of Batman being a detective, which is definitely a weakness, as oh, what was that comic that Batman first appeared in?  I think it was “Lucky Coincidence Comics #27”, right?  No.  No, it was “Detective Comics #27”, and don’t you forget it (well, I suppose I can forgive it if you forget the exact issue number). Continue reading

Story Delivery Vehicle: The Batmobile? Nah, “Batman Live” (part 1)

What is it? – A live-action stage performance following the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder vs. Gotham City’s gallery of rogues

How do I get it into my brain?check tour dates and venues here, or at the very least look over the nifty comic-style story guide

(Part 1) | (part 2) | (part 3)

Na na na na na na na na Batman!  One of the most popular characters of all time (notice I did not diminish this by pigeon-holing him as just a super-hero or just a comic book character), his stories have graced every medium imaginable, with the exceptions of ballet and opera.  I still hold out hope, though.  Fortune found me in possession of tickets to see a live stage production, and I was in eager attendance to see how and/or if it could be accomplished.  The act of adaptation from one medium to another always poses unique challenges, with both source and destination influencing how a story is shaped.  In the case of Batman, there is a rich visual history to draw upon, with bold and recognizable characters, an iconic setting, and a wealth of kinetic moments to shape fight choreography around. Continue reading