So I Just Watched: Robert Altman’s “3 Women”

First in a series of disorganized thoughts I am left with immediately after watching something.


Dude, goin’ makin’ movies out of your dreams. What! I can’t… I don’t… uh, I guess the most direct parallel could come from interpreting it against the Three Graces: charm, beauty, and creativity, but I haven’t fully formed this thesis yet. Duvall, deluded about her own beauty… Spacek, corrupted by and corrupting with charm, leading inward and then outward. Janice Rule, a whirlwind of naive creativity of mind and yet infertile of body. Hmm.

Duvall, get your dress out of the car door!

Duvall, why you brushin’ your hair with a toothbrush?

I was expecting Duvall and Spacek to switch colors after Spacek emerges from the coma… as Millie, Duvall surrounds herself in yellow, and Spacek’s Pinky is, of course, always dressed in pink (except for a scene in the middle, where she really starts encroaching on Millie, and wears the yellow clothes).

So what was it?  A deconstruction of first-wave feminism from the feminine side of a masculine creator? Political allegory? Something about witches and sacrifices? Who knows? Altman himself said he didn’t, so I guess I’ll just be haunted by it a while. Neat swimming pool murals, though.


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