Brain Flush!

Remember LiveJournal?  It was actually pretty revolutionary… one of the first major ‘social networking’ sites (five years Facebook’s senior) as well as one of the first blogging sites, established all the way back in 1999 before “blog” was even a word.  “Blog”, of course, being an abbreviation of “web log”, but even that doesn’t accurately describe what a blog is (or what blogs have become).  I used LiveJournal for a few years back in college.  Thinking back on it, I was occasionally careless with what I posted, which caused some drama… I should have known better, really, I had been an active internet citizen for several years already.  But anyway.

I kinda go back and forth between ‘input’ and ‘output’ states.  Starting this blog up and generating a handful of lengthy articles was definitely ‘output’ state but I’ve slipped into the absorptive, passive ‘input’ state lately, content with playing games, reading, watching movies and shows and just generally soaking stuff up.  Acknowledging that it’s been several weeks since I’ve had much output, I am forcing myself to expand on my expectations of what I will do with this site.  I have other things on my mind!  Just gotta get better about purging them.

A while back, in conversation with a friend, I realized that a really good passive-aggressive way to tell a person you don’t really give a fuck about what they’re talking about  is to say, in a detached tone, “huh… you should write a blog.”  What a snarky way of saying that “your opinions are no more interesting than anyone else’s, so please invest your time in disseminating them in a way I can easily ignore”.

And yet here I am, writing a blog!  So, what’s a thing?

Food Trucks Are a Thing!

I had lunch today!  Usually I don’t… just breakfast and dinner.  Hey, I’m not moving around that much, so ya know.  I’m pulling back the curtain a bit here, but I live in Orange County, south of Los Angeles.  Food trucks are prevalent in this landscape, and I got lunch from a food truck.  Tasty!  Gourmet sliders and tater tots.  The Burnt Truck.  Look for ’em!

I like what food trucks represent… mobility, personality, independence.  Passion!  These things are almost always the single-minded endeavor of family and/or friends.  They’re kinda like blogs.  Hear me out!  Over the past decade, food and publishing (and probably some other things (okay, definitely lots of things)) have developed massive corporate frameworks that limit opportunity for individual expression (“gatekeepers” is a term I see a lot, such as in relation to the MPAA or RIAA).  Blogs allow any random joe to share their opinions about movies with a wide audience, for example, where before only staff writers for major publications had that privilege.  I’m oversimplifying, but you get what I’m saying.

Likewise, food trucks allow random joes (provided they meet food safety standards and whatnot) the opportunity to share their cuisine outside of the megalithic chain restaurant industry and with greater ease and less pressure than a storefront.  Plus, taking into account Twitter, Foursquare and other new/social media platforms to connect with customers and the community, they are a pretty interesting part of the Information Age.  Is that what we agreed to call it?

And then people on blogs write about the food trucks, and the food trucks tweet about where they are, and podcasts and tumblr and and and

I could be completely wrong, though… I have no personal experience running a food truck so maybe it’s nightmarish compared to running a restaurant.  It seems to me, though, that the inherently focused scope of a food truck’s menu makes it easier.  Burnt Truck only has to worry about sliders!  No soups, salads, pastas, what have you.  No multi-page menu to stock for.  Anyway.  Food trucks!  As long as they stay the small, local, personal thing they are, I’m a fan.  As long as we never see fleets of McTrucks across the country (hell, even if we do, because they will be easy to tell apart from your Lime Truck and your Piaggio and your Nom Nom Truck), I welcome our new food truck overlords.

I apologize, internet humor is uncalled for, even when discussing internet-y things.

That Was Some Stuff About Food Trucks

Writing this was actually kind of exhausting.  Oh well.  I won’t let it get me down!  I will press forward.  I will tell myself, whenever I spend more than a few minutes throughout the day musing on a particular subject, “huh… you should write a blog” and I’ll MEAN IT.


One response to “Brain Flush!

  1. Then there is the situation in Portland, where the food truck has come full-circle, where they are parked permanently in groups around the city. You can graze, and get a six-course meal including dessert, and make each course from a different truck! (When is the Flan truck going to open???)

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