Stance Dance!

Let’s talk about going to the bathroom.  Hey, come back!  Hear me out.

Now, I don’t mean actually going going.  This isn’t some entry about digestive health.  I’m talking about the journey.  Tangent incoming: you  can always tell how legitimate the claims of sexual indiscretion leveled against a politician are based on how ridiculous their defenses are.  It’s inversely proportional (math proves it!)  “Hiking the Appalachian Trail” … “The Meaning of the Word ‘Is’” … “Follow Me Around, I Don’t Care” … where am I going with this?  “Wide Stance“.  Larry Craig’s memorable deflection against charges that he was soliciting sex in an airport bathroom stall (hand signals under the stall wall, a kind of ASL for weird perverts).  Now, I’m not here to wide-stance you, but I do have some other stances I’d like to discuss.

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Brain Flush!

Remember LiveJournal?  It was actually pretty revolutionary… one of the first major ‘social networking’ sites (five years Facebook’s senior) as well as one of the first blogging sites, established all the way back in 1999 before “blog” was even a word.  “Blog”, of course, being an abbreviation of “web log”, but even that doesn’t accurately describe what a blog is (or what blogs have become).  I used LiveJournal for a few years back in college.  Thinking back on it, I was occasionally careless with what I posted, which caused some drama… I should have known better, really, I had been an active internet citizen for several years already.  But anyway.

I kinda go back and forth between ‘input’ and ‘output’ states.  Starting this blog up and generating a handful of lengthy articles was definitely ‘output’ state but I’ve slipped into the absorptive, passive ‘input’ state lately, content with playing games, reading, watching movies and shows and just generally soaking stuff up.  Acknowledging that it’s been several weeks since I’ve had much output, I am forcing myself to expand on my expectations of what I will do with this site.  I have other things on my mind!  Just gotta get better about purging them.

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